Business Opportunities in the Travel and Tourism Sector

Are you bored of your current job and want to start a business, but are unable to figure out the most beneficial business opportunity? If your answer is ‘YES’ and you want a flexible work environment, the comfort of working at home, as well as flexible working hours; this article is going to help you. The article discusses the best business opportunity in the travel and tourism sector. Travel and tourism is among the world’s largest industry, and it is growing every day. Almost everyone is interested in travel. Who doesn’t love traveling to new places and exploring the natural beauty and adventure offered by the hottest tourist spots around the world? Opportunities are endless for tour operators and other companies within travel and tourism!

Business Opportunities in the Travel Industry

The travel industry offers numerous business opportunities for people interested in being their own boss. It offers an equal opportunity to start a home based businesses without the cost of a conventional office. You can start your own travel agency with minimal investment. Then you are on your way to becoming an excellent travel guide.

There are also possibilities in the online world. You can start your own online business in tour and travel by becoming an online affiliate of world famous tour and travel operators. People with an interest in photography and travel journalism can try writing travel blogs and publishing photo blogs along with other online and offline travel based businesses. Travel publishing also offers great opportunities for you and your franchise based business.

What People Need to Start Travel Based Business

The travel and tourism industry undoubtedly offers many wonderful business opportunities. However, in order to be successful in the travel business, people need to have certain skills and interests. The most basic trait is a natural interest in tourism along with the salesmanship and the drive to start a business in the travel & tourism sector. In addition, one also needs to have competitive and entrepreneurial spirit to excel in the travel business.

Why Alaska Cruise And Tours Have Become Very Popular Today

As time moves on cruises have been becoming more and more popular. Nearly almost of us have imagined to go for cruising sooner or later. Who could call for more when imaging the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves. A lot of people make use of cruises when marrying, or simply visiting new destinations. Regardless what your attraction to the big boats, getaways are developing. It doesn’t need to be part of a summer trip any longer. Nowadays you are able to take even Alaska cruise and tours. I know what you’re thinking now. Who would prefer to go out into the cold for a trip? No matter, this new concept is becoming more and more popular.

First I stumbled across an Alaska cruise vacation when I was in search of destination weddings on the internet. I was outraged that this idea ever rose up, not to mention opened to the public. When I listen people talk about fun and relaxation, it usually involves the sun and eighty degree weather. Trips to Alaska are never brought up. Nevertheless, I was more than fascinated by the impression of Alaska cruise vacations. My groom-to-be and I even talked about the idea of a destination wedding on Alaskan ship cruise. Being a cold-lover, I believed it sounded wonderful take the best time of the year cruise to Alaska. In the end, how often do you head up to Alaska?

Whenever you check your listings on the internet, you’ll see Alaska cruise tours are gettable at moderate costs. If you do some more research, you are able to find pretty decent Alaskan cruise packages. Visualize all that can be viewed and experienced on cruise and travel to Alaska; at the reach of your hands picturesque snowy terrain is set with sea life. It may be able to get a feeling like no other. All of your friends who go out on their conventional voyages on summertime will be desirous when they get wind of your cruise ship tour to Alaska. It’s really a memorable event of your life.

No matter you’re in search of a getaway for fun and relaxation, or a honeymoon sail to a thrilling new destination, Alaska cruise and tours are the perfect way to go. If you are tired of the heat and sun drilling in your eyes, try out a cruise vacation to the northern state that most people never get to see. Enjoy the Northern lights and relax with the penguins while having a romantic dinner party. Most people never try winter cruises, but if you do, believe me, you’ll certainly bring back a couple of breathtaking memories. In the end, you only live once. Try to make it a lot of joyful experiences.

How to Travel and Earn While You’re At It

When people think of traveling, one of the most common response is to see it as an expense. But traveling doesn’t always mean you have to just spend-there are myriad of ways to save and earn money along the way too.

If the only factor stopping you from traveling are the costs associated with it, why not flip things around by making traveling an excuse to earn more? Here’s how:

Share Your Knowledge

Yes, it’s entirely possible to get paid for your knowledge! This one is something I got from my uncle.

Case in point is when he befriended a traveler who shared his expertise on how to do brake pad repair. My uncle was so enamored with what he can do that he offered to pay him if he could show him how to do it himself.
Perform on the Street

I know that this isn’t for the faint-hearted but you don’t necessarily have to do backbreaking somersaults or tricks to perform on the street. A simple sing or dance performance would do. Playing an instrument would also be great too!

If you’re not the performer type and like something a little more low-key, why not try drawing in public? I guarantee you that once you prop up your tools and get down to drawing or painting, a pool of curious people wanting to know what your final artwork would look like would no doubt gather.

How do I know? Because I did it myself. You could then sell the artwork to any interested person from the crowd.

Make the Most Out of Your Videos and Photos

In this age of technology, you could virtually make money off everything such as filming yourself while traveling. No, I’m not talking about YouTube or being Instagram-famous enough to be sponsored because let’s admit it, it takes a while to get at that point. What I’m getting at is monetizing your videos and films by submitting them to contests.

A good example would be GoPro where winning videos filmed with GoPro can win as low as $1000 to $10,000. Annually, they give out $5 million worth of cash prizes. Prizes are higher for edited clips than raw ones so make sure to do some editing here and there if you plan on joining.

The best thing about this is that you can submit multiple entries-some have actually won twice in a month! If you want to submit a video to GoPro Awards, you can do so on their submission page.

When it comes to photos, there are many award-giving bodies out there that provide monetary compensation for their winners. A friend of mine was able to do this by submitting an underwater photo he took into a contest for underwater photos.

Guess what? He lucked out and was one of the finalists. Not only did his photo got exhibited but he got a cash prize as well. Not too shabby for someone who’s a mere photography hobbyist. If you want to take a chance, you can check out an extensive list of running photography contests with their accompanying cash prizes here.

Work at a Resort

Resorts usually enjoy seasonal business. Whenever the holidays are nearing or vacation season comes, they typically hire out a few more people to deal with the expected additional demand.

You can take advantage of this by tendering your application in advance of the forthcoming holidays. Although there’s work involved, you can always enjoy the place on your days off and breaks as well as get some juicy discounts in the process.

Provide Tours or Itineraries

If you have a favorite place that you’ve visited a few times before and want to visit again, you can earn cash from it by being a tour guide! There are also a few agencies out there that often hire out tour guides during peak season to accommodate more clients.

Alternatively, you can also draw out some custom itineraries for places you know well. Just post an ad online and charge a reasonable fee for it.

Tutor Someone

If you’re going to a non-English speaking country where the demand for learning English is massive, capitalize on this and earn a few bucks your way. For this, you don’t necessarily have to be certified and the only requirement most people have is for you to be a native speaker. ESL sites such as this often post this kind of opportunities. Some countries where the demand for English language is high is in Asia Pacific such as Japan, China, and South Korea.

Not only will you be earning on the side but you’ll also make a few potential friends along the way.

Work For an Airline

One of the best ways to get paid while traveling is to work for an airline. The most popular job people automatically think of is to become a flight attendant but the only problem is-it’s super competitive. It was even claimed that it’s harder to get hired for Delta than get in at Harvard.

Who would’ve thought that competition is that fierce, right?

Instead of becoming a flight attendant, why not settle for other airline jobs? You can get as much travel perks and benefits without the constant jet lag and unusually long hours on the job.

For instance, you might want to consider becoming a ticket agent. All you have to do is process ticket orders or reschedules while working the typical 9 to 5. For your days off and vacation leaves, you can use the travel benefits that come with the job.

The good thing here is that the requirements aren’t really that stringent. Someone I know got in with a degree in Philosophy. She traveled to her heart’s content and often went out of the country monthly (sometimes weekly) with her colleagues. Her immediate family got some great discounts too.

Summing Up

The opportunities are endless and as the timeworn saying goes, “The world is your oyster.” (Apologies in advance if you wanted to barf. Lol.)

I hope that this list has been helpful for you. Traveling doesn’t have to cost a lot but if did, you could at least employ some of the tactics above to make it easier on the pocket. There are many other ways to travel and earn at the same time so if you have anything in mind feel free to leave a comment below!

Traveling and Seeing the Real World

Traveling is wonderful. You see new things, experience new cultures, eat cool foods, and have fun. I believe it helps open the mind and possible increase creativity as well. All travel is good, but quite honestly you only see and experience so much when you go on a tour, stay in tourist hotels, and hang out with fellow tourists most of the time. I’m not knocking tourism at all, and have been a tourist at times, but to really see an area you need to travel rather independently, not with a group of tourists.

Most of the world does not have tourist hotels, but has perfectly fine hotels the locals stay in when they travel. You won’t find starred Michelin restaurants, but plenty of inexpensive and tasty local places to eat. You might meet a few travelers, but you’ll certainly interact with the locals as well. Communication may not be fully in English, but you’ll be amazed how much you can communicate even when there is no or little common language. Best of all, you will see and experience far more, most likely enjoy it immensely.

Traveling in most of the world is very inexpensive, yes, I said inexpensive. A week as a tourist in France might cost you two or more thousand dollars per person not including airfare, and I’ll add is quite worth it. For the same price you can quite easily have a blast for a couple of months very easily in many fascinating and perfectly safe areas of the world. You travel and eat extremely well, stay in comfortable locations, and have a wonderful and enlightening time. Of course you can travel in France much more cheaply as well.

Now some areas of the world are easier to travel in than others. A novice traveler probably shouldn’t travel sub Saharan Africa for example, although the area is fascinating. Southeast Asia however is very simple to travel in and one of the more popular areas. Most of the countries feature easy travel, plenty of accommodations, absolutely great food, and well beaten paths full of other travelers as well. South America is another area that is wonderful to travel in as in Central America, and a little Spanish goes a long way if you happen to know some.

Traveling is more about being there than moving rapidly in a crazy attempt to see everything. You never can see everything anyways. So slow down, take a few weeks or months (yes, you can if plan ahead), and see the world.

Travel And Leisure Jobs Available

Actually working in this industry is so exciting. You work as you enjoy and also get to meet a lot of amazing people with different cultures and beliefs. This makes the job an exciting experience that you don’t even want to go on leave. Don’t give me those eyes, you will know what I am saying once you start working in the industry.

The list of travel and leisure jobs available is long and endless. There are so many jobs to choose from. Ranging from travel to sports to holidays and to anything leisure you can imagine. You can work as a sport instructor, like say a swimming instructor. You can be a gym instructor, can work in a massage palour, can be a tour guide, can be a travel agent, can be in the cabin crew, can even be a driver for a tours company and the list is endless!

The most common place you can work while in this industry is in a hotel. This is where most people who travel stay while on their holiday or trip. This place therefore offers the largest percentage of jobs in this category. From hotel managers, to those who take care of you during your stay, to the chefs, to outdoor activities managers and many other uncountable posts. All you have to do is have the required skills and the job might be yours. These top hotels should therefore be one of your top search places for travel and leisure jobs.

Hotels are everywhere because lots of people are travelling daily. This therefore means, the jobs are everywhere and getting your dream travel and leisure should be a big problem. Apart from hotels, jobs are available in national parks, animal sanctuaries and orphanages, sports clubs, airports, beaches, travel agencies and almost virtually everywhere.

Internet can also be a good place where you can get your travel and leisure job. In this day, there are so many sites online just dedicated to find you a travel and leisure job. All you have to do, is register and maybe upload your curriculum vitae, then your employer will find you. Alternatively, you can browse the jobs available and apply for them online. This is a very easy and efficient way of looking for that travel and leisure dream job.

Having known that you can always get that job you wanted, I will advise that you make a move towards getting it. You also understand that competition is high and you got to be smart and fast when you are eyeing a certain job. As I said, hotels are always a good place to start with. Chances are your fate might be to work there. These other places too should not be ignored. So start now and get your travel and leisure job, before someone takes it.

Top 5 Benefits of Investments

From our childhood days, we are taught to save money from our pocket to buy the belongings we wanted the most. This casing of mind carries to the age of maturity and we try to save money for the thing we want the most. But here we commit a drastic mistake of life that makes a difference of becoming successful or reduced in terms of financial amplification.

To understand the investments; we must define the investment first.

What is Investment?

According to Investopedia, An investment is an asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or will appreciate in the future. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or will be sold at a higher price for a profit.

What are its top 5 benefits?

1) Financial Independence

Financial independence means you have enough wealth to live off of without working. Financially independent people have enough assets that generate income without any physical work as their money is doing work for them.

How to achieve Financial Independence?

Here are the best tips to become financially independent:

· Try to increase your income.

· Plan your savings every year.

· Select profitable investment options.

· Decide your financial goals.

· Try to stay away from loans and debts.

2) Safeguard against the Inflation

Inflation is a sustained increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. It can be considered as the ageing of the value of money over a time.

In Economics, Inflation reflects a reduction in the purchasing power per unit of money – a loss of real value in the medium of exchange and unit of account within the economy

The value of assets keeps on increasing due to inflation. As a result, the investments are not only safe but also increased by the time. Hence, It acts as an uphold against the Inflation

3) Achieve Financial Goals

When we invest, we put our money aside for long-term goals such as retirement, International holiday trip, Luxury home with a car or a child’s education.

The Investments ensure us to achieve all our long term and short term goals at a precise time.

4) Increase Wealth

Investing isn’t a mode to get rich quickly. It takes time, patience, and awareness. It requires analytical studies of opportunities available and makes well-versed choices of where to place your investment so it provides huge returns. If the things are performed in a spot in order the results are almost guaranteed.

5) Provide a source of Income

Some funds specifically set out to provide investors with a monthly income while others such as many property funds pay out dividends monthly, as well.

Most of the monthly income funds attempt to offer 11 monthly payments of a similar amount and a 12th that varies. The exact level of income will depend on the fund’s performance.

5 Best Commodity Market Ideas

Commodity markets are a little different in terms of trading from traditional equity markets and thus, here are 5 best commodity market ideas that can work in India:

Cautious to negative on MCX crude

OPEC is finding it increasingly difficult to influence crude prices, which means that MCX crude could come under pressure. Moreover, Russia has joined the OPEC consortium in terms of cuts in crude supply.However, the US appears to enjoy a few clear distinctive advantages in terms of expansion in crude supply. Further, Trump has already withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement, which opens significant opportunities for the US for undertaking substantial expansion of its shale capacity. Thus, going cautious to negative on MCX crude.

Uncertainty factors could help MCX gold

The World Gold Council has announced that the gold demand for 2017 will not be substantially more than the previous year. Although India and China are the highest consumers of gold, gold prices will not be driven by consumption demand. Moreover, volatility in North Korea and Middle East coupled with other global factors could influence the direction gold prices takes. All these uncertainty factors could help MCX gold.

Using bounces-to-sell strategy for copper might help

The fact that copper has corrected for two weeks on-the-trot gives it a weak outlook. Thus, waiting for a bounce in price to sell could be a good strategy. Moody’s recently downgrading China doesn’t help copper prices either, since China contributes more than half of global copper demand.

Going short-term negative on MCX zinc could be a good option

Owing to environmental inspections, many zinc mines in the Hunan province of China were shut down. This led to subdued supply of zinc. Post completion of inspections, zinc supplies have started flooding the markets, which has brought prices under pressure as well. Moreover, strength of the US Dollar will weigh on MCX Zinc. Thus, going short-term negative on MCX zinc could be a good option

Long trade on NCDEX cumin on shortfall in supply could be a good option

With more than 70% of the world’s supply of cumin, India is the world’s largest producer of cumin. Other cumin producer such as Syria and Turkey are much smaller. Exports of cumin in India are expected to remain buoyant despite higher prices of the commodity. The commodity saw decent open interest gains, which again indicate towards pricing heading upwards. Therefore, long trade on NCDEX cumin on shortfall in supply could be a good option.

Let Us Help You Become More Profitable

Many of our clients are young individuals that would consider themselves fairly educated investors. But being educated on the stock market or on the bond market simply isn’t enough to ensure that your current and future investments give you the return that you are seeking. Not only must you be constantly aware of what is going on in the markets, but you need also to be conscious of what time of investments you should be making during each period of your life. When gambling in a risky market such as the stock market, individuals investing for themselves need to know the basic analytics necessary to achieve success. It is also crucial to know how you should be balancing your accounts, and how to properly manage them.

When analyzing stocks to purchase there are about a million different factors that need to be considered, and every stock analyst will go on to tell you their personal opinion on which statistics are best to consider before making a purchase. The truth in the matter is that at the end of the day the stock market is just legal gambling that is truly unpredictable. Yes, there are ways to possibly see what the future of companies will hold when examining some stocks, but if you don’t spend the majority of each day educating yourself on the markets, you probably won’t have an idea on what the future holds for most companies.

A few key elements to analyze when making a stock portfolio are the Beta, dividends paid, and the company’s earnings. The beta provides you with an idea of how that particular stock will be affected with a change in the economy and stock market as a whole. A proper stock portfolio built for success should have stocks with a wide range of betas. This can ensure protection over your account if there is ever another stock market crash. It can also provide you with protection while the stock market is progressively moving forward at a solid rate. Dividends are definitely something to be considered when making a stock purchase. Either companies can choose to pay out dividends to their shareholders or they can dump that money back into the operation to try to improve their business.

Many people like dividends when purchasing stocks for the short-term. We all know that stocks are meant to be a long-term investment, but many people still try to profit off of them in the short-term. Personally, I do not invest in many companies that pay large dividends to their shareholders because I’d prefer them to use that money to grow their business and drive their stock price as high as possible. Don’t get me wrong, money now is always better than money later, but when trying to optimize a long-term investment I’d rather be patient and watch the company’s success go through the roof in a few years than make an extra five dollars per stock each year right now.

Image Optimization for SEO – Best Practices

Quality content is the key to SEO success. Content doesn’t just mean your text contents. Images must be an integral part of your content strategy. At times, single images can be far more effective than your 1000 word blog post. It also helps you improve blog post quality and performance.

Images, Infographics, Videos and all other multimedia contents on your web page will help you in increasing the user engagement on your site and makes the visitors stay on your site for longer duration which helps in reducing the bounce rate.

Not just adding images to your contents, you should also optimize those images for better SEO performance. Optimization of images must be the one important aspect of your on-page SEO process.

If you are using images in your content, there are many aspects to be considered related to SEO.


Using images doesn’t mean that you should fill up your content with loads of pictures. You should use it only when it is required and also you should use images that are more relevant to your content.

Placement of your images is an another important aspect. It should be placed at a relevant location in your content according to your text content.

Use original images

Originality always helps in improving your user experience and your authority. Usage of original images will be helpful in improving your SEO performance. You can create original images with a graphic designer or you can take your own photographs with a quality camera. It is the reason top White hat SEO companies employ talented graphic designers for creating quality images.

If you are not able to employ an in-house graphic designer or if you are running out of time, you can always use high quality images from the web. But the important factor to be considered is it should be copyright free.

There are many tools available for getting copyright free images without any cost. The most popular ones are Unsplash, Flicker, Freeimages.

Image Size

Images are the main source for damping your site’s speed. And site speed is a crucial factor in your SEO performance. So, you should be extra cautious in using images without compromising your page speed.

It should not also affect your image quality, you should have a correct balance between. You can achieve this by reducing the file size by compression. You can use tools like Photoshop for compression.

File name

Search engine crawlers are visually impaired, it can even interrupt a 5000 word text content, but it cannot interrupt a single image and what the image is about. It is the reason using a keyword rich file names for your images is an important aspect in image optimization.

Google bots and other search engine crawlers can read your image’s file name and if it is named with your target keyword, it gives a signal to search engines about the image topic and thus helps your SEO performance.

For example, if your image is related to selling sports shoes, rather than using the file name as “IMG_89868″ you can use it as “Black_Tennis_Shoes”.

Alt text

Similar to the file name, search engines can read Alt text of the images. Alt text is known as “Aleternative Text”, is an HTML attribute used to describe the content of images.

You should use Alt text which is relevant to your images and it should be clear and descriptive. You can use your target keywords in the Alt text but be cautious about Keyword stuffing.

If you are not focusing on Image optimization, you are missing a huge opportunity in improving your SEO performance. You can use above mentioned best practices in your on-page optimization process.

Best Support And Opportunities For All Youth

American youth currently face challenging realities along their way to adulthood. With parents working longer hours and the absence of grandparents and other community adults who used to make up support systems, the intergenerational fabric of community has been frayed. Youth development strategies aim to reweave community fabric in a new way – one that takes the supports and opportunities young people should have, and re-institutes them in the context of young people’s realities today. While many of these realities are harsh ones, we know that young people themselves want to be involved in their communities. The importance of building positive youth/adult partnerships in this process cannot be stressed enough.

The mobilization effort is based on influencing three critical elements: information, attitudes, involvement. The transformation of each of these areas, both in the public and private domains, is a necessary condition for change. For example, in the area of information, the country is currently focused on collecting primarily negative youth information, e.g., teenage births, dropouts, and juvenile arrest rate. Inspiring a 180 degree shift, we need to collect information such as: average number of hours youth participate in after-school activities, computer to youth ratio in non-school hours, and the percentage of youth who hold part-time jobs. The three elements are intertwined, for how information is gathered and communicated impacts attitudes as well as how and if people choose to become involved.

Only through broad community commitment, strong public will, and diverse partnerships can youth development take root, go to scale, and be sustained over time. Ultimately, the mobilization must be supported by partnerships among all of the systems in a community that affect young people (i.e., education, corporations, health care, juvenile justice, religious groups, and recreation). To build these relationships and establish youth development infrastructures to improve developmental paths of adolescents will take at least 10 years.

Localities currently spending their resources on efforts to “fix youth” will need to pool, redirect, and increase their financial commitment to youth development. These additional dollars will ensure all youth equal access to supports and opportunities, especially youth living in economically distressed areas.

Our information on the services young people need, and use, is still hit or miss. Communities do not know what they have or what they need. They usually have no way to tell how well services are being used and what services need to be improved.

Good information is important for youth services for exactly the same reasons it is important for everything else. Accurate, accessible standardized information lets people find the services they need and use them effectively. It lets communities manage, evaluate and improve their services and determine the need for changing them, eliminating them, or developing new ones.

Many national efforts to measure outcomes presently use deficit-driven indicators to assess young people’s condition in society, such as teen pregnancy rates, juvenile crime numbers, and percentages of high school dropouts. Although these measures are important, they do not tell the whole story about young people’s experiences. Measures that reflect positive conditions and experiences of young people are also important.

The accelerated trend of the past decade toward empowering our nation’s young people to succeed has fostered a new awareness and commitment to this most valuable resource. Some basic questions are:

- How much do we currently spend?

- How much should we spend?

Some progress has been made through new initiatives in education finance reform and services integration, providing more effective delivery of social, health and educational services for children and youth from the classroom up to the government. This document establishes an initial framework and formula for assessing the financial resources and mechanisms necessary to move American society closer to this ideal. The following were found to be potential root causes of these trends in spending:

- Devaluation of adolescents.

- Lack of consensus on youth development.

- Lack of adequate and protected funding. Funds are not protected and dedicated in the manner necessary to sustain the long-term, comprehensive process that is youth development.

We can support the move toward the ideal by:

- Seeking new types of information.

- Building on the after-school momentum.

- Making a sustainable public investment.

Youth development is an investment that must be made by each sector of the wider community – public and private. Examination of the federal-state matching, local dedicated taxes an incentives for business and philanthropy could lead to models for providing adequate and sustainable funding for youth development. National intermediaries must work to cultivate this leadership at all levels of government, and at the grassroots, by creating constituencies.